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Our fleet of modern aircraft and training devices are primarily located at Jandakot airport in Western Australia. However, the advanced simulators are located at SIA Training Centre in Singapore.

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Cessna 172

Ab-initio Trainer

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is an industry standard training aircraft, with over 44,000 units built, and is renowned for its safety and training friendly design. For most aspiring pilots, the fundamentals of flight are taught using this aircraft world-wide.

The fleet of C172 aircraft at SFC all feature Garmin G1000 flight information systems; and are fully IFR capable.

MPL cadets utilise the C172 for the entirety of their phase 1 flight training at Jandakot.

CPL cadets utilise these aircraft until the CPL phase of training when they transition to the multi-engine aircraft.


Key Features

  • Electronic Flight Information System – Garmin G1000 models

  • IFR capable – SID, IAP2D/3D


piper pa44 seminole

Advanced Training Aircraft

The Piper PA44 Seminole is an industry standard training aircraft, primarily used when cadets transition to multi-engine operations. The Seminole features counter-rotating propellers to improve controllability during asymmetric training and is fitted with autopilot and flight director capabilities.

The fleet of PA44 aircraft at SFC feature Garmin G1000 electronic flight information systems and are fully IFR capable.

CPL cadets utilise these aircraft during the CPL phase of training when they transition to multi-engine IFR operations.

The CASA Multi-Engine Instrument Rating conducted at Jandakot utilises the PA44 Seminole.

Key features

  • Garmin G1000 Electronic Flight Information System

  • Autopilot and Flight Director

  • IFR Capability

  • Constant Speed Unit

  • Retractable Undercarriage

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frasca 141 & 242

Flight Simulator Training Device

SFC cadets complete extensive simulator training for the introduction to instrument flight operations as well as non-normal flight scenarios throughout their training program.

Both simulators utilise active control loading to provide realistic scenario-based training.

Key Features

  • Active Control Loading

  • 180° field of view, 3 projector technology

  • Garmin G1000 Electronic Flight Information System

Frasca Simulator SFC
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B737MAX Simulator
B777 Simulator


Full Flight Simulators

MPL Phase 2 & 3 training is carried out on simulators that meet the high fidelity and reliability standards required. During these phases, cadets are familiarised with both normal and non-normal airline procedures.


Upon successful completion, cadets will progress to their aircraft type training in Phase 4. These devices simulate all aircraft systems accessible from the flight deck and feature accurate force feedback on the flight controls.

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