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Multi engine class rating & Multi engine instrument rating

Perth enrolments

Take the next step in your flying career by obtaining a Multi-Engine Class Rating and Instrument Rating at Singapore Flying College!

At only $19,650* including GST, Singapore Flying College is pleased to offer a multi-engine instrument rating course in our modern G1000 equipped Piper Seminoles. You’ll benefit from our decades of airline training philosophy while training in both day and night operations. Our IFR training includes Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP2D and IAP3D).


The multi engine class rating can be conducted on its own from approximately $3500*



$19,650* AUD GST inclusive


6-week course or train at your own pace*


Garmin G1000 equipped Piper PA44 Seminole aircraft


Training conducted at Jandakot Airport

Train with a well known training provider


  • The Frasca 242 simulator is used as an introduction to multi-engine operations as well as instrument flying procedures such as standard instrument departures and 2D/3D instrument approaches. It is also a good opportunity to get comfortable with the electric flight information system and GPS. Approximately 20 hours are conducted on the Frasca 242 simulator.


Phase 2 - Piper Seminole pa44 

  • Approx. 20 hours spent applying the skills you have learned in the simulator to real flying. Approaches conducted at Perth Airport, Rottnest island and Murray Field aerodromes.

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Course Key information


You need to hold at minimum a private pilots licence to conduct the Instrument Rating or Multi-Engine training.


Course structure

The course will cover the requirements for the issue of a MEA Class Rating and a MEA Instrument Rating. Additional flights may be necessary to meet the night flying requirement. However, to save costs, these can be conducted in our G1000 C172. There are seven hours of briefings covering multi- engine and IFR operations. We will also provide you with some training material that can be viewed in your own time.

Course Duration

Generally, a full-time course is completed in as little as six weeks, but on average, you could expect to complete the course within 6-8 weeks to account for possible weather restrictions. However, if you prefer to take a slower approach, you can choose to complete the course at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Theory classes for IREX

To save cost, we recommend self-studying the IREX material using Bob Tait or ATC. If needed, we can arrange some one-on-one instructor time to assist with some of the theory items, though this would be at a cost (price will be advised upon application). Keep in mind the IREX theory credit must be obtained before attempting the flight test.

IPC with SFC

SFC is able to conduct Instrument Proficiency Checks, your recency and experience will determine the cost as it is competency-based. Call us for further details.

IR if MEA is already held

If a multi-engine class rating is already held, some of the flights in the course won’t be required. This should make the course cheaper.

MEA class ratings

We can do the training for the MEA Class Rating. This would involve four flights and an IPT, then the flight test. The cost will be between $3500 - $4000, though it doesn’t include the flight test.

Viewing of SFC aircraft

The college aircraft are able to be viewed by appointment only, let us know when you would like to visit and someone will show you around.

Weekend Training

Although SFC published hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, we can conduct weekend training on request.


Instrument approaches

You will obtain the IAP2D and IAP3D endorsements, and training will cover NDB, DGA, VOR, RNAV, and ILS IAP. The flight test will only assess VOR, RNAV, and ILS. However, NDB and DGA can be assessed in the IPT after the flight to reduce costs.

*Additional costs

Our pricing is inclusive of instructor fees, approach fees, landing fees, briefing time and fuel. Flight tests are an additional cost. pricing is calculated on completion of training following a structured competency based syllabus. 

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