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Caas Commercial pilot licence

Singaporean enrolments

The program for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Instrument Rating covers two phases of training. This CPL program is suitable for privately sponsored students requiring a professional pilot’s licence seeking employment at an airline of their choice.

Training is conducted in two phases.

Phase A - ATPL Ground school

  • CAAS ATPL Theory - conducted in Singapore , approximately 6 months.

  • Covers all knowledge required to start the practical element


Phase b - Jandakot flight training

  • Beginning at SFC’s branch at Jandakot Airport, Western Australia, the wide ranging airspace allows for all the elements of flying training program to be completed in a realistic and professional manner. A minimum of 200 hours are flown with an additional 35 hours of flight simulation for the CPL program.

  • The student commences training in a single-engine training aircraft to meet the minimum flight hours in accordance with the approved syllabus. This includes local circuit flying utilising the 3 runways at Jandakot. The student is also trained in upset prevention and recovery both in the simulator and in the local training area.

  • Complexities of flying ‘under the hood’ or instrument flying are also performed both in a flight simulator and in the aircraft. The training concludes with a multi-engine component in a Garmin equipped light twin piston engine aircraft.

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See where it all takes place!


Perth - Western Australia




Education Criteria

Minimum Secondary School qualification with credits in English, Maths and a Science subject. Proficiency in English is a requirement.


Application Process

Applicants will have to furnish an application form and include the following documents with their applications:

  1. Resume/CV

  2. Scanned copies of educational certificates including transcripts.

  3. Scanned copies of Flight experience related documents (if any)

Download and complete the application form


Send us your application


Completed applications as per above requirements can be submitted via email to:

Shortlisting of candidates will take approximately 5 working days.

Upon being shortlisted, the applicant will be called in for an interview. The applicant is required to bring the following for the interview:


  1. Original Application form affixed with one passport size photograph.

  2. Originals of educational certificates including transcripts.

  3. Photocopies of educational certificates including transcripts.

  4. Identification Card or Passport-original and photocopy.

  5. Flight experience related document (if any) e.g. log books, license, medicals etc

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