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Bene Docere - Teaching it right

Singapore Flying College, founded in 1988, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines with the aim of providing the highest standards of training to produce world class pilots.

Our motto ‘Bene Docere’ is the mantra we follow to deliver world class airline training to over 3000 graduates to date.


The team of dedicated aviation professionals at SFC are committed to the pursuit of excellence in flight training.

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established 1988

Singapore Flying College is a CAAS approved flight school headquartered at SIA Training Centre Singapore. Established in 1988 under the Singapore Airlines Group to ensure pilot training included the core values required for airline pilots. SFC expanded to its Western Australia base at Jandakot in 1990 due to the prevailing climate and weather conditions favoured for continuity of flight training. ATPL ground training is completed in Singapore, with flight training conducted at its Jandakot base. The accommodation facility at Jandakot was opened in 1992.

SFC Opening 1990
SFC Opening bosses
SFC 1990
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Jandakot branch opening 1990

Accommodation opening 1992

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On successful completion of the Ground Training phase, cadets move to the Jandakot training facility in Perth, Western Australia to conduct the Flight Training phase for the CAAS approved Multi-Crew Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating.

 The CASA Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating is also offered at Jandakot.

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