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Australian Cpl WITH meir 

The CASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is a comprehensive training program covering multiple facets of training. Tailored for Australian self funded students to ensure they are ready for employment in the aviation industry upon successful completion of the course.


This course includes 200 hours of flight training with an additional 35 hours in a flight simulation training device to cover multi engine instrument rating training and emergency operations . All SFC aircraft are equipped with Garmin G1000 Electronic Flight Information Systems to provide a modern, industry relevant environment for candidates.

Jandakot flight training

Graduates from SFC attain a commercial pilot licence (CPL) and Multi Engine Instrument rating (MEIR). The approved syllabus is completed in two phases:


Phase One – approximately 160 hours

Candidates commence phase one training in a single-engine aircraft which covers training in flight fundamentals, cross country navigation, emergency training, upset prevention and recovery training, night flying and instrument flight training.



Phase Two – approximately 40 hours

The complexities of commercial flight are covered in phase two training where greater emphasis is placed on commercial operations and flight standards. Training concludes in a multi-engine aircraft where normal and non-normal scenarios are experienced.

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