UAPL Training

Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Licence (UAPL) Training Programme

Singapore Flying College is a CAAS accredited Unmanned Aircraft Training Organization (UATO). 

Our UAPL training programmes are designed to ensure that learners develop strong theoretical knowledge foundations that are supplemented by learning practical skills with the simulator and actual practical flying.

The training ensures that the applicant achieves the necessary level of competencies in relation to Safe and Efficient UA Operation. Following the completion of the CAAS-mandated flight test, the applicant will be qualified as a UAV Pilot.

If you require or would like to obtain an UAPL to operate a drone / Unmanned Aircraft (UA) / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with us, please contact us at enquiries@sfcpl.com or call 6977 7377.


Theory Class  

The following topics will be covered during a one-day theory class at the SIA Training Centre:
1. General Unmanned Aircraft System
2. Principles of flight
3. Air law
4. Navigation & Meteorology
5. Human Factors
6. Safety and Operations

SIM&GS Classroom pic-1.jpg

Simulator Training

Simulators are used to ensure candidate gain the confidence and the required minimum skills before the practical flight training.  

Drone Takeoff

Practical Flight Training

Candidates will bring their theoretical knowledge and practical skills learned through simulators into practice in real life during this period of training, gaining practical handling skills. Mission Planning, decision-making processes, and airmanship, among other topics, will be covered.

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Practical Assessments 

The applicant must possess the competencies expected of a licensed UA Pilot/Operator at the conclusion of the flight training phase. After passing the evaluation with our certified AFE (Authorized Flight Examiner), the applicant will be eligible to apply for the CAAS UAPL.