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ATPL Theory Training

Singaporean enrolments

The CAAS ATPL (A) theory course provides individuals the knowledge required to be future airline pilots and commanders. Completion of the course, among other requirements, is needed to enable individuals to exercise the privileges of an ATPL professional licence. Individuals pursuing the CAAS ATPL theory course, are required to complete 14 examinations.

14 Subjects - 6 months

This CAAS approved course which spans 750 hours conducted over 6 months. During the course of study, candidates are required to cover the 14 subjects with the required rigour and depth.

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Apart from lectures, candidates are required to demonstrate knowledge competencies through the successful completion of SFC’s internal tests for every subject before being able to enrol in the CAAS ATPL examinations. Upon being enrolled to the CAAS examinations, the regulator has mandated a passing score of 75%.


Our Programs

SFC conducts the ATPL theory course through either the integrated or non-integrated program. MPL candidates currently undergo the non-integrated program where the successful completion of all 14 subjects is required before pursuing flight training. CPL candidates are given an option of choosing either the integrated or non-integrated program. Selection of the non-integrated program, also known as the accelerated program would see candidates completing some ATPL theory examinations in Singapore while completing the remaining subjects in Perth, Jandakot.

The applicant must possess the competencies expected of a licenced UA Operator at the conclusion of the flight training phase. After passing the evaluation with our certified AFE (Authorised Flight Examiner), the applicant will be eligible to apply for the CAAS UAPL.


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