Tender for FAS

Tender for Financial Accounting System



  1. This Tender is for the supply of a Financial Accounting System (hereinafter referred to as “System”), and after-sale customer support to Singapore Flying College Pte Ltd (SFC), a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA). The system will be used at SFC Singapore and its branch offices. 

  2. The detailed system requirements can be found in SFC’s Financial Accounting System Business Requirements Document, which form part of the Tender Documents, and will be issued to eligible vendors upon acceptance by SFC of their Intent to Bid.

  3. All items listed in this Tender as well as all other documents issued prior to and after the submission deadline shall be collectively called the Tender Documents. 

  4. The Tender Documents and all clarifications shall form an integral part of a Contract to be entered into between SFC and Vendor(s). Until a Contract is executed, the terms and conditions of the Tender Documents shall be binding on the successful vendor.

  5. The successful vendor will be selected based on its product capability, competitiveness, flexibility and innovation.  SFC is looking for business partners who have good track record on system implementation and will work with SFC in its endeavor to implement this project. 

  6. SFC reserves the right to award the Tender, in whole, part or not at all. SFC may also choose to award different parts of the Tender to different vendors. 

  7. SFC is targeting to implement the proposed system by end of March 2021 with an implementation period of approximately 8-12 weeks.  Vendors are to provide justifications if a longer implementation period is necessary and propose alternate implementations schedule.

  8. The submission due date for Intent to Bid is 28 November 2019 (Thursday), 5pm Singapore Time.

  9. For more information about this Tender, please see the Tender Documents below.

Tender for Financial Accounting System

Annex 1 - Vendor Profile Matrix