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Komersial  lisensi pilot

Program Commercial Pilot License (CPL) dengan Instrument Rating mencakup dua tahap pelatihan. Program CPL ini cocok untuk siswa yang disponsori secara pribadi yang membutuhkan lisensi pilot profesional generik yang mencari pekerjaan di maskapai penerbangan pilihan mereka.

Pelatihan dilakukan dalam dua tahap.

Our Core Values:


  • Maintain and uphold highest level of Safety.


  • Providing Quality Aviation Training Services.

Customer Focus:

  • Create value for our customers.


We Care:

  • Enabling our people to grow and excel with us.

  • Provide Internship opportunities.

  • Equal Opportunity

  • Just Culture

  • Non Disciminatary Practices

  • Giving back to the Community.



  • Continually analyzing and looking for ways to improve efficiencies to minimize our impact.

  • Transitioning to utilizing to more renewable and environmentally friendly materials/resources.

  • Transparency and accountability.



  • We promote a collaborative work environment and promote continuous learning and development opportunities.

Urban Garden Architecture

Our Plans:

  • To implement hybrid class conducted through mix of in person and remote learning through online platforms.


  • Exploring potentials for electric trainer aircrafts as the technology develops in this area.

  • Expect to switch into renewable energy sources such as Solar at our Jandakot WA branch.

  • Further reduce paper use at Jandakot, WA branch by 30%

Solar Panels on Rooftop

Our Existing Initiatives:

  • Save paper and transport emission by switching to E-Books as well as implementation of online internal exams for our ATPL Ground Training.


  • Reducing the Training time on GA Aircraft and replacing it with more airliner-based simulator training further enhancement to training through utilisation of Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) principals.


  • Implementation hybrid work arrangement (Save on Scope 3 emissions)


  • We conduct Internal Training for Staff and Students on the topic of Suitability as part of promotion drive.  


  • Upgraded our Australian facilities to be more energy efficient via LED lightings in addition to installing water saving systems.


  • We have integrated ESG considerations into our procurement process.


  • Hybrid Company Vehicle


  • Recycling promotion


  • Switched processes to use electronic forms.


  • We upcycle our assets to maximise the life of them.


  • Aerobic treatment system to treat wastewater from the Laundry, Bathroom, Toilet and Kitchen at our Jandakot, WA branch.


  • Engage with our customers through social media platform.

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