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Our Goal

Our goal is ultimately to be carbon neutral by 2050

Our Core Values:


  • Maintain and uphold highest level of Safety.


  • Providing Quality Aviation Training Services.

Customer Focus:

  • Create value for our customers.


We Care:

  • Enabling our people to grow and excel with us.

  • Provide Internship opportunities.

  • Equal Opportunity

  • Just Culture

  • Non Disciminatary Practices

  • Giving back to the Community.



  • Continually analyzing and looking for ways to improve efficiencies to minimize our impact.

  • Transitioning to utilizing to more renewable and environmentally friendly materials/resources.

  • Transparency and accountability.



  • We promote a collaborative work environment and promote continuous learning and development opportunities.

Urban Garden Architecture

Our Plans:

  • To implement hybrid class conducted through mix of in person and remote learning through online platforms.


  • Exploring potentials for electric trainer aircrafts as the technology develops in this area.

  • Expect to switch into renewable energy sources such as Solar at our Jandakot WA branch.

  • Further reduce paper use at Jandakot, WA branch by 30%

Solar Panels on Rooftop

Our Existing Initiatives:

  • Save paper and transport emission by switching to E-Books as well as implementation of online internal exams for our ATPL Ground Training.


  • Reducing the Training time on GA Aircraft and replacing it with more airliner-based simulator training further enhancement to training through utilisation of Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) principals.


  • Implementation hybrid work arrangement (Save on Scope 3 emissions)


  • We conduct Internal Training for Staff and Students on the topic of Suitability as part of promotion drive.  


  • Upgraded our Australian facilities to be more energy efficient via LED lightings in addition to installing water saving systems.


  • We have integrated ESG considerations into our procurement process.


  • Hybrid Company Vehicle


  • Recycling promotion


  • Switched processes to use electronic forms.


  • We upcycle our assets to maximise the life of them.


  • Aerobic treatment system to treat wastewater from the Laundry, Bathroom, Toilet and Kitchen at our Jandakot, WA branch.


  • Engage with our customers through social media platform.

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