SFC Careers


The Singapore Flying College seeks suitable candidates for AVIATION GROUND INSTRUCTOR (SPECIALIST) position.  

•    Completed the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) ATPL theory examination.
•    More than 5 years of ATPL teaching experience 
•    Minimum academic qualification required is an equivalent to GCE “A” level/Polytechnic Diploma. Degree in Aviation related studies                will be advantageous. 
•    Strong passion for aviation industry
•    Good communications skills and command of English language 
•    Strong dedication and drive to be the best in assigned duties.
•    Genuine desire to provide quality customer service and satisfaction.
•    Ability to work cohesively with a team in fast paced environment.
•    Possess a positive work attitude and personal attributes
•    Prefer individuals with practical flying experience. 

We offer an attractive remuneration package including Annual Wage Supplement, medical benefits and concessional travel.

If you are keen to take up this challenge, please email your resume with a copy of your qualifications to: careers.sin@sfcpl.com

 *(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)


Applicants' disclaimer:

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