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Our Commitment Together

Singapore Flying College’s motto is Bene Docere. "Teaching it Right" has been our passion since 1988. It is our aim to deliver the highest quality of training. This remains our commitment to our airline partners and sponsors so as to return to them the very best of cadet pilots. At Singapore Flying College we strive to exceed and are committed to deliver educational services of the highest academic standards. We believe in developing a future commander who is safe, knowledgeable, competent and ultimately a “Thinking Pilot”. 

Course Of Training

During the course of training students not only develop their technical and practical flying skills, but also will be introduced to the aspects of the soft skills required to make an excellent airline pilot, traits such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving, integrity, punctuality, decision making, and communication abilities and many more.


Our Instructors will record and assess each student’s progress at regular intervals through both the Ground and Flight training phases to ensure a uniform level of proficiency and standard that is expected of our cadets to achieve and maintain.

The end result is a training program that is holistic and develops not just a pilot, but a professional pilot possessing the right sets of knowledge, skills and traits that is required by the airlines.