Courses Available




CPL/ME-IR + Frozen Airline Transport Pilot License


The Singapore Flying College conducts the Ab-initio Training Programme  using the approved CAAS Ground & Flight Training syllabus. On successful completion of the course, trainees would qualify for an issuance of a Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and Frozen Airline Transport Pilot License examinations credit. The license is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

CAAS Frozen ATPL Theoretical knowledge Ground Training will be completed in Singapore for the duration of 24 weeks, the program follows closely Learning Objectives as set by CAAS.


MPL for Airline Selected/Sponsored Cadets

Currently Singapore Flying College conducts MPL Training for Singapore Airlines.


The dates for CPL/ME-IR and MPL Course intakes are as follows:


  1. 26 Dec 2017
  2. 05 Feb 2018
  3. 19 Mar 2018
  4. 30 Apr 2018
  5. 11 Jun 2018
  6. 23 Jul 2018
  7. 03 Sep 2018
  8. 15 Oct 2018
  9. 26 Nov 2018
  10. 08 Jan 2019
  11. 19 Feb 2019
  12. 01 Apr 2019

Commencement dates are subject to change.


The following subjects will be covered in the ATPL Theoretical Training Programme:

  1. Air Law
  2. Aircraft Systems and Power Plants
  3. Principles of Flight
  4. Mass and Balance
  5. Instrumentation
  6. Meteorology
  7. Human Performance
  8. VFR Communication
  9. IFR Communication
  10. General Navigation
  11. Radio Navigation
  12. Flight Planning and Monitoring
  13. Aircraft Performance
  14. Operational Procedures



Flight DispatcherS theory


This Program allows candidates selected by an airline for the position of Flight Dispatcher to acquire the theoretical knowledge relevant to dispatching an aircraft. As per CAAS AOCR requirements the airline sponsoring the candidate require to provide a minimum of 2 week on the Job Training for the candidate after completion of the theoretical phase conducted by Singapore Flying College.
Note: This program will be conducted when requested for by an airline and when the minimum numbers are met.



Conversion of Foreign Licenses to a Singapore CAAS License


Candidates who have already obtained a foreign license or have military flying experience intending to obtain Commercial Flying License can submit an enquiry to the Singapore Flying College. We will help with your license conversion needs. An administration fee is charged.



Specific ATPL subject familiarisation

This program is available to airline staff that is newly hired but is unfamiliar with aviation knowledge. We will facilitate classroom lessons to help the individual acquire the necessary knowledge so as to carry out their duties efficiently. We have 14 ATPL subjects which can be selected individually and a bespoke program will be tailored according to the airline’s needs.